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Company Information

A History of Aris Horticulture, Inc.
Barberton, Ohio

From modest beginnings – as a partnership of two, hardworking Mennonite brothers, Menno and Ira Yoder – Aris Horticulture Inc. (formerly Yoder Brothers Inc.) has grown to be a world leader in flowering research and breeding. Today, almost 95 years after its founding, G. Ramsey Yoder, Menno's grandson, heads a company of 650 employees.

Scott Schaefer, president and chief executive officer, is in charge of day-to-day operations and shares with Yoder the responsibility of leading the company.

Aris continues evolving to meet the changing horticultural market. In 1995, Blooms of Bressingham® was set up as a new company in North America to introduce exclusive perennials from England. This has since expanded into a global activity, under a new name, Must Have Perennials™, with business partners in many countries and exciting introductions from breeders worldwide. Shortly afterwards came the acquisition of Green Leaf Enterprises, now Green Leaf Plants®, one of North America's leading perennial growers. These venues put Aris in an excellent position to capitalize on the popularity of gardening.

The company reorganized as Aris in 2008, with the sale of its mum and aster product lines and continues to expand its support of the horticultural industry with new varieties and starter plants of many types. Aris operates two business units:

Green Leaf Plants® provides growers with starter plants for perennials, grasses, herbs, asters, garden chrysanthemums, exacum, gloxinia, and lisianthus. Production facilities are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Keepsake Plants® supplies starter and finished plants of Keepsake Azaleas, tropical TradeWinds Hibiscus, Hydrangea and Sun Parasol® Mandevilla, as well as Pot Mums, Garden Mums and Asters.

Founding Tradition Remains
Though Aris has become a highly scientific and sophisticated horticultural enterprise, the founding tradition has remained untouched. The company retains a family spirit and a family sense of values remarkable for a company of any size.

Through the years, Aris’ production facilities have moved to other locations with the last Barberton greenhouse closing in 1978. However, the company remained close to its roots by establishing its worldwide corporate headquarters in a former dairy barn of the Barber Anna Dean Farm.

The building was renovated in 1985 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The old water storage tank serves as an entrance and meetings are held "in the round" in a conference room in a former silo. Soaring ceilings and massive, exposed beams add architectural interest. More than 50 handcrafted Amish quilts hang from walls and rafters. The building reflects Aris today: an honorable melding of strong traditions with a commitment to being the best.

Facilities are located in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Canada

Aris At A Glance

Corporate Headquarters

Aris Horticulture Inc.
115 Third St. S.E.
Barberton, Ohio 44203-0230


330.745.2143 or 800.321.9573
Fax: 330.745.3098

Number of Employees

Keepsake Plants® – starter and finished product for retailers/growers, Leamington, Ontario, Canada, and Fort Myers, Florida

Green Leaf Plants® – starter plants, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

1920 by Menno and Ira Yoder
Leading producer of perennials, florist azaleas, tropical hibiscus, hydrangea, gloxinia, lisianthus, mandevilla, pot mums, garden mums, asters and more.
Key Personnel

G. Ramsey Yoder, Chairman

William G. Rasbach, Vice Chairman

Scott Schaefer, President and Chief Executive Officer

Liz Lipscomb, Director of Human Resources

Blair Hoey, Managing Director, Green Leaf Plants® (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Gary Knipe, Managing Director, Keepsake Plants® (Fort Myers Florida)

Rob Bigley, Managing Director, Keepsake Plants Ltd. (Leamington, Ontario, Canada)



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